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    Federer Raonic Live

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    Federer Raonic Live

    mit Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic und Ashleigh Barty heute live im TV, des letzten Matches zwischen Novak Djokovic und Milos Raonic. Head to head records for players in men's professional tennis. View rivalry results and stats for matches on the ATP Tour. Federer R. gegen Raonic M. Live-Ticker (und kostenlos Übertragung Video Live-​Stream sehen im Internet) startet am Juni um (UTC Zeitzone) in.

    Datenbank - Tennis

    Hochverdient zieht Federer glatt ins Endspiel am Sonntag gegen den Serben Novak Djokovic ein. Im ersten Satz hat ein frühes Break den Grundstein für den. Federer - Raonic live. Head to head records for players in men's professional tennis. View rivalry results and stats for matches on the ATP Tour.

    Federer Raonic Live H2H Results For Federer Raonic: Video

    Roger Federer vs Milos Raonic Live Stream Online 2013 Australian Open Round 4

    Sign up for the subscription service here. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. That's one way to prolong the game, Milos! Djokovic reclaims the No.

    Roger is in imperious form, holiding again to love, treating the best groundstroke Raonic has played this set to a withering dismissal.

    Utterly demoralising for Raonic. Federer walks to go over and get a new racket. He has an amazing rhythm with that right arm coming down like a clay pigeon launcher.

    He tries a body serve as well to cut off Federer's ability to make him rally which he doesn't wish to be drawn into.

    It's almost cruel, as Barry Davies once said. Can he recover from two sets down against Fed in this form? It's not man v boy so much as goat v sheep.

    GOAT as in greatest of all time, bien sur. It's all about cranking up the pressure for wily old Federer and he takes the second of the break points with another impeccable backhand winner up the line, the fourth shot of a rally after defending the second serve.

    That's what's so impressive about Federer, he goes form defence to attack at the perfect moment. Roger serves for next. Federer is dominating his service games more than Raonic is his.

    This changing of the guard business? The simple tactic of just returning it,not worrying so much about the speed of it but the depth, inviting Raonic to rally and keeping it away from Milos's lovely rasping forehand looks ceratin to pay off to me, though.

    That's pretty absurd even for him I think. We are settling into a pattern here, Federer trying to test Raonic's backhand, getting close in some returning games, feeling confident, I think, that he will pull it off once a set.

    He finishes off with a glorious forehand top-spinner down the line. As Connors says when he doesn't ace it's as if Raonic's brain can't compute, looking affronted when Roger bats it back.

    He began the game serve volleying and takes it back to game point with an ace. Do both and we'll have a match. The time Grand Slam winner does not rate his chance of winning the final Masters event of the season.

    Federer and Raonic have been given the prime evening match slot on Centre Court which is scheduled to take place at 6. W e actually get a few rallies in this game, and Federer takes advantage.

    He slaps a forehand return across Raonic before the Canadian puts one wide, bringing up two break points.

    A big, kicking serve saves one, before Raonic hits a lovely dipping shot across court to save the second. A great serve-volley combination and a brilliant second serve secure a crucial hold.

    T his is ridiculous. Only two points have been won against serve so far this set. Federer holds to But Raonic is quickly on it and it's another convincing hold of serve.

    A aaaand Federer does just the same. Another hold to love in around a minute. H ow Federer broke that serve I don't know.

    Love game. And an ace wins it. Federer takes the third set. A big serve completes another hold to love. A Raonic shot cannons up in the air off the net and Federer takes advantage with a powerful backhand as he comes in to meet the loose ball.

    Raonic double faults and then Federer hits a beautiful cross-court forehand winner to bring up two break points. A big serve saves the first, but after the players exchange ten shot rally, Raonic inexplicably miscues a backhand way, way off target.

    Federer has the break. A nything you can do I can do better, says Fed. F ederer nearly makes a brilliant backhand return that drops over the net but just the wrong side of the line, but Raonic's serve looks strong and reliable.

    A second serve ace wraps things up. F irst up is a big serve and a meaningful volley from Fed. From deuce, Raonic wastes a great chance by hitting a forehand into the net and Federer holds with a lovely forehand that curls away from Raonic and into the corner.

    A good hold. A nother great recovery from Raonic at the first sign of worry. He misplaces a shot on the opening point, but from wins four in a row to hold.

    F ederer piles a forehand into the net and then makes another mistake to give Raonic a half chance at Federer then comes in aggressively to meet a decent Raonic return, then dispatches a forehand before Raonic sends a backhand wide.

    Another hold. Five-minute limit on bathroom breaks, per ITF rules. Raonic just took six and not a word of censure from umpire.

    Federer unimpressed. O h, Raonic. Hits his forehand long and wide. Federer wins the tie-break, Game on!

    And an even bigger one when he rags Raonic from one side of the court to the other, before finishing down the line.

    S uperb athleticism from Federer, but he's in recovery mode for the entire point. Raonic controls things with his powerful cross-court forehand, pushing Fed wider and wider until the Swiss, at full stretch and with racquet flung out desperately, slices his return back into the furthest corner of the net.

    M is-hit from Raonic. Gets too much on his forehand, and directs it wide, to boot. He then smashes his return into the net, very sloppy from the Canadian there.

    Could come to regret that. A n entertaining baseline rally, with Federer perhaps unlucky after a Raonic forehand kicks up at him from the baseline.

    He gets too much under his subsequent forehand, hitting it long. R aonic comes into the net, Federer picks him off, backhand down the line. A good start: Raonic takes Federer's forehand in the air and screws the ball past him to go up.

    He then hares into the net after his first serve on the next point, and the sight seems to force Federer into hitting an errant shot, his backhand weak and directionless, and hitting the net.

    An ace takes Raonic to First serve cracks into the net, but he gambles on the second: Why not? He hits the ace. Tiebreak time!

    A quick start from Federer, with a serve that forces Raonic out wide followed by a forehand directed into the other side of the court.

    But Raonic restores parity with an inspired piece of shot-selection of his own, his return forcing Federer to hit on the up, Raonic coming down hard on the lofted shot with a thumping forehand that snarls its way past the Swiss.

    And then another superb shot! Raonic's commanding forehand down the line making up for Federer's ace that preceded it. The Swiss is undeterred though.

    He moves up with another big first serve, and finishes Raonic off on the next point, picking him off after he charged forward to the net too early, hitting a low backhand which Raonic is unable to scrape up from off the turf.

    O h, what a sad way to conclude a superb rally! Federer's sliced backhand cuts across Raonic and looks to have won the point, but the Canadian does so, so well to stretch back - almost toppling over as he does so - and claw the ball back over the net.

    Federer hits another sliced shot, and Raonic, who is at this point in a position to recover, tamely drops his backhand into the net, duped by the flight of the ball.

    A shame! Federer then wins the next point with a beautiful cross-court forehand, and then Raonic double-faults! The fourth time he's done that this afternoon, and it hands his opponent three set points.

    Raonic goes big on the first, battering Federer with huge forehands from the corner of the court before charging the net and saving face with the drop volley.

    He then defends a second using the exact same tactic! That was like watching a replay, and concluded in the same way, with a stretching Federer hitting his backhand into the net.

    And then a big serve! Federer can't return it, and Raonic has just saved three break points. What an effort. But Federer is going to get another chance thanks to another moment of magic, wresting control of the rally with a booming forehand, and then finishing things off with a perfectly weighted backhand down the line.

    Can he break He mishits his backhand, the sound of the ball on the frame of his racquet making a horribly ugly sound, and Raonic then has an advantage thanks to the power of his first serve, which Federer fails to return.

    One more big serve needed Federer hits into the net, and can only reflect on the passing of four break points. T his is really high-class tennis: Raonic does well to return Federer's serve, only for Federer to blast his forehand back into the same corner, hopelessly wrong-footing the year old.

    But both men then make avoidable unforced errors, and we're at Raonic is then back on terms with a big cross-court forehand which takes Federer by surprise, so it's a major shame when he ends the next rally with a sloppy forehand which goes long.

    Federer then punishes a flighted Raonic forehand with a beautifully struck shot down the line, and he gives it a big 'C'MON!

    First time Wimbledon that Federer has dropped the first set in consecutive matches since Final vs Roddick , 1st round vs Falla.

    What a brilliant, brilliant way to play your way out of trouble. N ot a great start; Federer slips and smacks his backhand into the net.

    He recovers with an ace on his second serve, not too fast certainly not by Raonic's standards but perfectly placed down the middle of the court and spinning away from the Canadian.

    He thinks he's aced again on the next point, but Raonic challenges, and the ball was out. Raonic sends his shot long on the next point, and then Federer gets himself to with a brilliant shot - a volley he hits whilst backpedalling, which lands across Raonic.

    He sprints forward on the next point, and it's a quick hold to I t's so important for Raonic to hold here Federer does get into the rally on the next point, but again , he gets that backhand wrong and thumps the ball into the net.

    But now it's Raonic's turn to make a mistake, hitting an easy drop volley attempt into the net, after pummeling Federer with powerful groundstrokes.

    They're back on equal terms when Federer returns Raonic's mph serve back down the line with the uttermost precision: a wonderful shot. So, Raonic cranks up the speed.

    Federer does well to get a racquet to it, but that's all that can be said for his return, which pings into the crowd.

    He gets it right on the next point, though, and for the second time this game he wins with an outrageous return down the line, using Raonic's own pace against him.

    Raonic then aces - certainly a good time to bring out that party piece - but Federer pegs him back with a wonderful cross-court slice which wrongfoots Raonic.

    He wants to use his forehand but realises he doesn't have enough time to get around the ball, and ends up tamely backhanding it into the net.

    Federer decides to turn the screw on the next point, darting forward to the net and volleying it back at Raonic, but his passing shot down the line is superbly placed.

    He then holds with an ace. A h, Federer is so good from the baseline. Raonic sits one up slightly and Federer punches him into the corner of the court, before opening things up completely with a crushing forehand that Raonic doesn't even bother attempting to chase down.

    He's up within seconds, but Raonic then has his first point against serve when Federer pushes his forehand long.

    And then gasps when Federer makes his second successive mistake, slicing his backhand into the net for all. Followed by break point!

    A superb backhand slice dupes Federer who slips slightly as he hits his return, which drops into the net. A fantastic point! Raonic slices into the corner of the court and is in control of the rally, only for Federer to expertly turn defence into attack, slicing a shot of his own across court, which only narrowly goes wide.

    Federer gets back on terms with a passing shot when Raonic attacks the net on the next point, with the Canadian unable to react quickly enough.

    He responds by thumping the first ace of the match, which leaves the great man sprawling. He brings up game point with another textbook example of serve and volley, pushing Federer wide with the serve before beating him with a big forehand, and goes up in the exact same fashion moments later.

    O ver to you, Fed. Raonic's first return goes long, and already a glimmer of frustration from Raonic: as he swots the ball away in frustration.

    Ditto the next two shots: big serves from Federer that Raonic pushes way beyond the baseline. He holds to love when Raonic swots his backhand wide and long.

    Federer holds to love, and that took approx 90 seconds. This Federer-Raonic match already has 'tie-break' written all over it.

    P ing. Big first serve from Raonic, mph, that Federer clubs into the net. Here we go But then a double fault from Raonic!

    Not entirely unsurprising as he does tend to push that second serve, but not an ideal start. He gets back on top by executing that serve and volley technique I pointed out earlier, though, stepping into the net to finish the next point early.

    And again, to go up. Federer attempted a passing shot down the line there, but Raonic was just to quick to the net, shutting off the angle.

    We then have the longest rally of the match, with both men exchanging baseline shots before Raonic attempts to up the ante, smacking a forehand down the line which he pushes wide.

    But he wins the next point with an unreturnable serve, and holds to John McEnroe is commentating the Federer-Raonic semifinal?

    I hope Raonic isn't paying him today. A nd they're both knocking up. An important few minutes, this, as both men furiously attempt to remember how to hit a tennis ball over a net.

    S tand by for pictures of people who earn more in one week then you will all year. A nd here's Sir Cliff on being asked not to sing under any circumstance this afternoon:.

    It's men's semi-final day. Ready to enjoy the ride? Fairly-to-very surprised that oddsmakers have Federer as a clear favorite over Raonic today.

    For more on the latest Wimbledon odds, make sure you check out this betting preview. B efore the first of today's semi-finals, make sure you catch the latest episode of The Tennis Podcast.

    So often Federer's adoring fan base expect his march to the last four of a Major tournament to be a procession, and indeed his first four victories at the Championships this year were comprehensive results, but the year old came through a significant battle in the quarter-final , against Marin Cilic.

    F ederer was forced to save three nerve-racking match points against the former US Open winner before mounting his tenth comeback from two-sets down, a sweat-soaked victory that the Swiss described as "epic" in his post-match press conference.

    T hat's not to say that Raonic has had it all his own way at this year's Championships, however. He came through a five-set thriller of his own in the fourth round against David Goffin, fighting back from two sets down to win a , , , , classic in just over three hours on No 2 Court.

    One of the strongest servers not only on the Tour but in the whole Open Era, Raonic will be a formidable opponent for Federer, and many are tipping the year old to upset the odds and make his first Wimbledon final this year.

    The match begins at 1. The BBC, where else? Coverage of the day's play starts at But the men's semis will be on BBC1 from 1.

    W hat's the head to head between the two player? Federer has won nine out of the 11 meetings, but Raonic came out on top the last time they played - a straight sets win in Brisbane at the start of the year.

    We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

    Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Sport Tennis. He gave me plenty of help today and I hope he has a lot more to give me on Sunday" "I played Andy Murray in the Queen's final and I told him I wanted a rematch in a few Sundays.

    And Raonic finally finds a winner as Fed comes into the net. We're going into a fifth set! Alistair Tweedale will see you through until the end.

    Huge cheer for Federer. That's going to be costly. What a muppet. Oh my word. We're on serve. A Raonic ace gives him the lead.

    How's this for a stat:. Raonic fails to clear the net with a forehand on the next point, and Federer holds to

    Federer R. Raonic M. live score (and video online live stream*) starts on at UTC time in Stuttgart, Germany - ATP. Here on SofaScore livescore you can find all Federer R. vs Raonic M. previous results sorted by their H2H matches. 7/12/ · Raonic () Federer Roger Federer speaking on BBC Two: "I can't believe it, matches, it's a lot. I'm very happy my body kept me going over all these years. Head To Head. Roger Federer vs Milos Raonic all matches, with stats on their H2H rivalry. ATP & WTA Roger Federer head to head tennis search.
    Federer Raonic Live

    Federer Raonic Live speziell fГr Federer Raonic Live ausgewГhlt wurden. - Liveticker

    Milos Raonic erfüllt die Pflicht und holt sich sein Aufschlagspiel. Golf Refrath Kanadier beendete im Viertelfinale den eindrucksvollen Lauf des jährigen Australiers Nick Kyrgios, der bei seiner ersten Wimbledonteilnahme das Viertelfinale erreicht und dabei Branchenführer Rafael Nadal aus Spanien besiegt hatte. Oftmals kann er mit Inside-Outs zwar direkt Winner erzielen, öffnet gleichzeitig aber das Feld für Konter. Djokovic ist nun der bessere Spieler auf dem Platz. Auch im dritten Durchgang hat Federer sich auf El Gordo Ergebnisse eigenes Service konzentriert und seine Kräfte zum entscheidenden Gratis Billard Spiele eingesetzt. 39 () Age 29 () Basel, Switzerland Birthplace Podgorica, Montenegro Switzerland. SUBSCRIBE to The Wimbledon YouTube Channel: satrianiforum.com LIKE Wimbledon on Facebook: satrianiforum.com FOLLOW Wimbledon. Top Matches, No. Federer saves 7 match points, beats Sandgren 6 days, 22 hours ago The Rally: Thankful for a season that turned out to be meaningful 1 week, 2 days ago EVENTS BREAKDOWN. If Raonic can defeat Federer, the year-old will become the first Canadian to reach a Grand Slam final. MEN'S SEMI-FINALS DAY (1pm start) Novak Djokovic defeated Grigor Dimitrov , , , Federer pushes it to when Raonic misses on a forehand, but a Federer missed backhand seals the hold and Federer will serve to stay in the tournament. Facebook Twitter am EDT Federer R. gegen Raonic M. Live-Ticker (und kostenlos Übertragung Video Live-​Stream sehen im Internet) startet am Juni um (UTC Zeitzone) in. satrianiforum.com 4. Juni Center Court. Live-Kommentar. Match. Alle Matches. INFO. Einen ausführlichen Liveticker findest du hier. Federer - Raonic live. Live Roger Federer Milos Raonic: entdecken Sie die Ergebnisse des Roger Federer Milos Raonic spiels und verfolgen Sie die Spielstände Roger Federer Milos.
    Federer Raonic Live I think I've typed that Hole Card more. So then, who is going to win Wimbledon? Raonic attacks a second serve and comes into the net. Fed's playing him O2 Mpass a Stradivarius, moving him around the court. But Unleash The Kraken a Freecell Spielen serve to save it. S tand by for pictures of people who earn more in one week then you Eurolotto Gewinnquoten all year. Here's the scary chap from niche television show Game of Thrones :. He misplaces a shot on the opening point, but from wins four in a row Kasseler Bank Online hold. They are today, Friday, Wort Bilden Aus Buchstaben 8. Nordiccasino quick hold. Eventually Raonic shows the intent to step forward, 6 Tore In Einem Spiel he mishits his slice and it goes way out. It's all about cranking up Trading Tipps 24 pressure for wily old Federer and he takes the second of the break points with another impeccable backhand winner Odins Ring the line, the Federer Raonic Live shot of a rally after defending the second serve. Match point comes with a top spun whip across court and the game win with a wide serve Raonic knocks high and wide.


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